Friday, 31 January 2014

Three Rhythm Riot Outfits - 40s Hand Painted Joy, Late 50s Cocktail Bling and 40s Spiderweb Spectacular

I wanted to share with you three of my outfits from Rhythm Riot in November of last year. For those of you that don't know Rhythm Riot is a weekender in Camber Sands and one of my favourite weekenders of the year. The only problem is that with it being in November it tends to be pretty nippy. This year I had a chalet buddy of the female persuasion, my gorgeous friend Christie, who is an incredibly talented print designer - check out her Facebook page. It was lovely to have a girl in the chalet as normally it's just me and I'm often left to my own devices as Francois has a Vintage stall at most of the weekenders and is off working all day. 

I really enjoyed Rhythm Riot this time, this was my third year but I got a lot more out of it than the previous year and saw a lot more of the acts and stayed out till the end, 5am, two out of the three nights.  I did a little shopping and wore my new to me amazing 1940s hand painted and beaded balloon sleeved blouse! It was a present from the boy's last buying trip in the US and it has to be one of the best pieces I own!

On the friday night I wore my 1940s Spiderweb outfit; dress, matching capulet and bright yellow belt. I remember seeing this on etsy a couple of years ago and I even posted it on my wish list on this blog, then it suddenly disappeared and as fate would have it a year ago it popped up for sale on Facebook and I new I couldn't let it pass me by again. 

Saturday night was the time for big hair! I wore a full length late 50s cocktail dress which made me feel amazing, there's nothing quite like a full length number to make you feel glamorous. I did a big updo as I've recently been really inspired by late 50s, early 60s updos. We caught the end of Bobbi Brooks Wilson's set (Jackie Wilson's son) and when we were chatting to him later he said I looked like I dream of Genie! That made my night. 

Francois wore his insane 50s Monster tie. It is crazy with hot pink, lime green and blue featuring the creature of the black lagoon. 

The next weekender I'll be going to is Viva Las Vegas in April. To say I'm excited is a total understatement. I already have most of my outfit's planned and this year the beautiful and inspiring Pip Jolley is going to be coming to LA with her boyfriend afterwards with Francois and I for an extended holiday. So much to look forward to!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Let's Talk Foundation Garments

Ever since I fist dipped my toe into vintage clothing I have dabbled in vintage reproduction underwear and 'foundation garments'. For those of you that don't know... 'foundation garments' are a term for a certain type of underwear that hides those lumps and bumps and VPL's too. The thing that is wonderful about reproduction underwear is unlike going to your local department store and buying a pair of hideous spanks repro underwear is beautiful on the eye too and focuses on the areas that vintage clothing does so you can create the perfect vintage silhouette.

In the last 6 months I have made the move to wearing exclusively reproduction underwear and it has made a massive difference to the way my clothes look and feel.

If you a starting out on your quest for Vintage Reproduction underwear then there are a few key items that I would recommend.

1. A Girdle

Yes it may sound like a torture implement but these things are a life saver when trying to wiggle and wriggle your way into a fitted dress. It shaves off those bumpy bits and also hides any unsightly VPL marks and smooths the lines of where your panties are.

If you want some extra support then the Girdles with a tummy panel work great for flattening stomachs.

Vargas Roll on Girdle from Playful Promises Great Value at £27

2. Cone Bra

No we're not trying to look like Madonna with a cone bra but channelling the sweater girls of the 40s and 50s, think Marilyn, not Madge. The BEST cone bra I have ever tried is undoubtedly the What Katie Did Cone Bra. I have other Bullet Bras but find them too pointy and can sometimes leave excess material at the tip leaving a strange outline under your clothes.

What Katie Did Cone Bra £35 Available in Peach and Black

3.Longline Cone Bra

My new favourite What Katie Did item, yes I may sound like a broken record, but I bought this beauty just before Christmas and this is the product that inspired me to write this post. It has REVOLUTIONISED my posture and silhouette in clothing. People have actually asked me if I'm wearing a corset when I wear this bad boy. It has the beautiful Cone Bra as above but acts as a waist cincher too. I've never really put much store behind longline bras before but this has totally changed my mind.

This new Longline Cone Bra is different to the WKD previous longline bras and is cut longer, therefore, giving you a more cinched in look as well as the cone bra detail.

What Katie Did Longline Cone Bra £49.50

4. Waist Cincher

I have a waist cincher that I don't use very often as I find without suspender straps attached they have a tendency to roll when you sit down a great alternative is to invest in the Rago Waist Cincher which has the suspender straps and is longer than the traditional mini waist cinchers.

Rago Waist Cincher available Adumbro Shapewear and Amazon the one on Adumbro is £37
Please excuse the camel toe and ridiculous pants but I didn't take the photo.... waist cincher looks good though. 

5. Corset

For the hardcore amongst you a corset is an amazing way to get a vintage silhouette. As well as reducing your waist size permanently if you do it properly and improving your posture. There's nothing quite like a corset for creating an hourglass shape.  I have the Mae corset from What Katie Did and really enjoy wearing it although I don't quite have the stamina to wear it everyday for waist training but I'm hoping to start soon.

What Katie Did Mae Corset £139.50

6. Petticoat/Crinoline

Finally, something to consider adding to your foundation arsenal is a petticoat. Why? Because if you're looking for an item of clothing that is going to accentuate your waist then a petticoat is a pain free way to achieve it. Perfect for under those circle skirts and dresses. With a waist belt too it will really nip you in and accentuate the waist by in turn accentuating the flare of the skirt. It also really finishes an outfit and when you look at the pictures of the models in the 50s they are all wearing petticoats. 

I have two types of petticoats that work great for different looks. The first is a full petticoat which is perfect for my full circle skirts and for when I really want to make a statement and create that New Look silhouette.  The one I have is £59 from Vivien of Holloway. 

Vivien of Holloway Petticoat

The second is from Marina Retro and is just two layers of net petticoat lined and is wonderful for more everyday looks creating a more A-Line shape than the one above. 

Marina Retro

If you haven't worn reproduction underwear before I really recommend going to What Katie Did for a fitting and chatting to the really helpful staff at their boutique in Portobello. They've helped me countless times from when I first started going in and their previous Manager Vicky fitted me for my first bullet bra and corset and now with the Manager Hannah who really helped me when I was searching for the right underwear to suit my bust and accentuate my waist!

I hope this helped some of you. Please ask any questions below. 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sunday Salutes: Skincare Saviours

I haven't written about Toners before but I love to use a few different ones depending on how my skin is feeling. 

The Toner on today's Skincare Salutes is the Vitamin Toner from Tropic. Tropic are an all natural brand that are Vegan and Cruelty Free. I am a big advocate of natural skincare as you may know but it has to do the job too and this one is really wonderful. I find it very calming on my skin, with Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Chamomile it really soothes in these winter months and the vitamins A, E and C provide great antioxidant protection. 

It concentrates on balancing the skins PH and I can't wait to try some of their other products. On top of being great quality they are also really affordable so definitely worth checking out, especially if you support natural and cruelty free skincare.

If you have any skincare questions or products you would like to hear about please do let me know below!

Miss Turnstiles


Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sunday Salute - Skincare Saviours - Bioderma

This weeks Skincare Saviour is Bioderma's Crealine Solution. 

If you need a make up remover that works wonderfully on sensitive skin then this may work for you. I use it everyday as an eye and face makeup remover. It is a really gentle but powerful solution, you can soak the solution onto some cotton pads and leave on your eyes to dissolve any heavy eye make up and your eyes won't feel stingy afterwards. 

Being a French Pharmacy brand it is a little difficult to find in the UK but specialist beauty sites and Amazon often have it for sale. I bought two MASSIVE bottles and they last for ever!

Miss Turnstiles xx

Friday, 29 November 2013

Dreaming in Candyfloss and Pastels

So recently I have drifted away from my love of black and sombre colours temporarily and have been inspired by pastels and mid-century palettes. Maybe because the weather is so grey and drizzly right now but I felt inspired to write a post about some of my favourite perfect pastel products right now. 

When I think of pale, perfect and pretty pastels I think of Fifi Chachnil and Agent Provocateur!

Oh how I long for a Fifi Chachnil Angora cardigan! Unfortunately I can't afford to spend £335 on a cardi but you can find vintage angora sweaters and cardigans on Etsy for much cheaper.

Something I have been buying a lot of recently during this pastel binge is 1960s nightwear. Beyond Retro seem to have the best selection and are super affordable. I recently picked up a pale pink babydoll and matching dressing gown in their Brighton store. I have taken to flouncing around the house in said items and am throroughly enjoying it.  Below is a glimpse of the set.. however I don't normally have massive pink eyebrows at home. 

Next I just need a massive full length robe with feathers to flounce around in... see below. 

Something else that I've been loving recently is this video...... oh the lingerie and the hair! I'm buying some more fake hair straight away and saving up for some Agent Provocateur lingerie, or waiting for the january sales. 

My final pastel love that I've been wearing a lot recently is my Pip Jolley powder coated roller necklace and bobby pin earring set. I've heard on the grapevine that more are being released very soon.

I recently went to see Pip at the Best of Britannia exhibition and took a couple of snaps of her stall. We shall be selling together at Bettina Scarlett's Mid Century Christmas Market! I will be selling a wonderful collection of Vintage clothing from the 1930s-1960s and Pip will be selling her fabulous jewellery as well. More from the other stalls on a post later this week! 

Are you a lover of pastels too? I'm much more of a powder pink girl than I knew!

Miss Turnstiles xx

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Butterflies Butterflies Butterflies: Taxidermy by The Curious Menagerie

A couple of weeks ago we were out celebrating the boy's birthday and I had organised a surprise Butterfly Class for him! He has about 8 butterfly tattoos on him and every time we see vintage butterflies in frames he would say he wanted one. So when I heard that Sarah from Curious Menagerie was holding Butterfly Classes I knew we had to do it!

Dinner was included in this wonderful evening and it was divine! The menu was entirely Vegan especially for Francois and it was delicious, I'm still thinking about it. 

This is my final frame we went through each stage of the process and finally could decorate our own frame and put our butterflies in it. I chose a music score background and found a vintage pin up girl to stick in the middle... perfect. 

The whole evening was such fun with champagne, cocktails, food, music, learning how to do butterfly taxidermy and getting to put together a box frame to take away with you. 

If you're thinking of having an alternative day or evening out in London I would definitely check out The Curious Menagerie!

Sarah also is a keen Environmentalist and only sources her animals from ethical places  'All animals are ethically and legally sourced to the highest standards.'

Miss Turnstiles xx

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sunday Salute - Skincare Saviours - Dermalogica

Over the past few years I have really begun to value great Skincare. After a nasty few years suffering from dermatitis around my nose and chin, especially in the winter months when my skin would become so sore and flaky that any foundation I would use would simply make me look ten times worse, I suddenly had a revelation and started to research what I put on my face!

So these Sunday Salutes will be to my top skincare saviours!

This week's saviour is the Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant

It contains lactic acid and gently removes the dead skin cells from your face as you leave the mask on until it becomes dry and tight. Exfoliating is essential to good skin but be wary of the exfoliating face washes as they can be incredibly abrasive and end up irritating the skin. This product instead involves no harsh rubbing or scrubbing simply smooth it on and leave it to work it's magic! 

I use this product once a week and my skin feels notably smoother after using it which I have never experienced from any of the other masks I have used in the past. Remember to moisturise afterwards though!

Plus points:
  • Great for skin that feels sore after the traditional exfoliating wash products
  • Lactic acid removes the dead skin cells - it is not as strong as some of the other acid peels/masks on the market so a great one to try if you're unsure. 
  • Leaves skin feeling smoother, brighter and younger. 
  • It's pricey - at around £34 a tube it's not cheap... but I would say that you do not need a lot of the product to get full coverage so it does last a while
  • I would not use if you are already suffering from a skin condition or very dry over-sensitive skin as with all acid based products this could lead to irritation. 

Miss Turnstiles xx

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Rest and Relaxation

Back in August I went on a little trip away with my Mum for a bit of time out and re-evalutaing. 
We went to Majorca and stayed in a very quiet village in the mountains and spent the time reading, relaxing and eating! I'd had a pretty stressful couple of months at work and some 16 hour days so I was really ready for it. 

Being in this peaceful little village overlooking the mountains I realised how much I'm guilty of time-wasting and not enjoying the things that surround me. I came away with a new zest for being PROACTIVE... I want to read more, exercise more, eat healthier and hang out with my friends more. Sometimes work can overpower your desire to do other things so over the next few months some big changes are happening for me, my job is coming to an end so I'm looking to do more freelanced based roles in order to focus on my very own business!
Shhhhh I can't tell you what it is yet. 

How can you not be inspired with views like this from your hotel?!

Here are a few snaps of what I wore, the whole break was very chilled so I didn't make a huge effort with minimal makeup and hairstyling.
Above I'm wearing a Deadly Dames bustier top and 1950s skirt. 

Here I'm outside one of the many beautifully bright painted shutters in Majorca wearing my Laura Byrnes Pin Up Girl Clothing capris which I lived in this summer and a cute cut out 1950s style blouse from Forever 21. 

My lovely Mum who always listens when I talk her ear off for hours about my plans!

Breathtaking sunsets!

My final outfit was definitely Spanish inspired with my hand painted 1950s Mexican skirt and puff sleeved blouse.. shoes from New Look (it's all about high street vintage inspired shoes for a bargain)

What type of things re-energise and inspire you?

Miss Turnstiles xx

Monday, 16 September 2013

My month of Instagram and Good updos

I have had a great month with a birthday, two holidays, work and more work! So here are a few shots of what I've been up to!

Good faux bang and Rosie Alia flowers

Fresh make up and hair for a few days away to Majorca for some R&R

Went to a 60s weekender in Brighton, was lots of fun but need to learn some 60s moves!

Birthday with family

I was in Pretty Nostalgic Magazine

Birthday drinks with the girls! I found the dress in Beyond Retro which is pretty astounding as it's mostly full of crap these days

Went to the High Rockabilly in Spain and wore my Bavarian novelty two piece and orange cord purse

Went to the Pool Party in my new fruity 1940s two piece playsuit

Back in rainy London I had a shoot at the Churchill War Rooms after hours.. it was spooky

I'm in Vintage Life this month for the Tara Starlet A/W collection!!!!

Saw the amazing Meyer Dancers perform these girls are too great I was just a little jealous!

Miss Turnstiles xx
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